SOLVED: How To Install Android DigiSummit From FLIR on a Blackberry Z10

If you have a DigiMerge D3000 (like the D3308 or the D3216), support may have told you that there is no playback/monitor app for the Blackberry Z10.  This is technically true but easily corrected.  You can use THIS simple process to install almost any Android app on your Blackberry Z10.

Below are the specific instructions to install Android DigiSummit app on your Blackberry Z10:

  1. Use an Android device to download and install DigiSummit from the Google Play Store
  2. Use an app like ASTRO FILE MANAGER to back up DigiSummit
    • This will produce a backup “.APK” file on the Android device
  3. Connect the Android device into a PC using a standard USB cable and copy the DIGISUMMIT-##.APK to your desktop
    • You can disconnect your Android device now if you wish
  4. Connect the Blackberry Z10 to your PC using a standard USB cable and copy the DIGISUMMIT-##.APK to any folder on the Z10 (we used the MISC folder)
    • You can disconnect your Z10 now if you wish
  5. On your Blackberry Z10, go to your apps and open FILE MANAGER
  6. Find the file DIGISUMMIT-##.APK and click on it to launch it
  7. You will likely receive a prompt telling you that you need to click the link on the screen and change your security settings to allow for programs to be installed from sources other than the store, so do that 🙂
  8. Click the INSTALL button (top right corner of the screen)
    • This will take less than 30 seconds to complete
  9. Launch the DigiSummit app and configure like you would on any other device

The only complex parts of this process relate to sourcing the .APK file, sooooo, if you want to elliminate steps 1, 2 and 3, you can click HERE to download  Just unzip the file and start at step 4 above.


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