SOLVED: Internet Explorer Not Prompting For Download SAVE

If you click a link to download a file in Internet Explorer and the SAVE SAVE AS dialog does not appear, you may find that disabling PROTECTED MODE solves the issue. How to Turn Off Protected Mode:how-to-turn-off-protected-mode-ie

  1. In Internet Explorer, click the small cog icon in the top right corner (under the red close X) to bring up TOOLS
  2. Click INTERNET OPTIONS from the menu
  3. Click the SECURITY tab
  5. Restart Internet Explorer
  6. Have a nice day

If you are wondering what Internet Explorer Protected Mode does, Microsoft explains it this way:

…warning you when webpages try to install software, Internet Explorer will warn you when webpages try to run certain software programs. You are warned when a software program would run outside of Internet Explorer and outside of protected mode, because that program might have more access to your computer than you prefer. This usually happens when a website is using an add-on to run a software program on your computer…



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