SOLVED: Lexmark – A scan profile with the same name already exists on the specified MFP

If you are using a Lexmark device and see “”A scan profile with the same name already exists on the specified MFP. Choose a different name or try again later.” from your PC then you have a mildly messy problem that even Lexmark Technical Support cannot help with.

To get right to the point, we do not know why this error occurs but after 2 hours of playing around I found two solutions:

Easy Solution

Start the Lexmark ScanBack Utility (not whatever SCAN shortcut you created and is now failing), build a new profile and most importantly on the second last screen of the wizard, use a different profile name.

Complex but More Complete Solution:

  1. Launch REGEDIT and expand HKEY_USERS\S1-5-21-9404… (see the screen shot for the balance)\Software\Lexmark\ScanBack\Settings
    1. lexmark-scan-profile-same-name-already-existsYou can also just expect HKEY_USERS and then do an EDIT > SEARCH for SCANBACK 🙂
  2. Delete ALL of the SHORTCUT<#> keys.
  3. Close the registry
  4. Power off/on the Lexmark printer
  5. Launch Lexmark ScanBack Utility and create a new profile
    1. for fun you can open the registry again and see that it created a new entry if you wish




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    jessica sargeant October 2, 2019 at 9:44 pm

    Hey, I really appreciate the information that has been provided in the blog.Not only it has provided the easiest way to deal with the issue but it has also provided the hard and the complete way so that it will provide option to the clients who will be solving the issue.

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