SOLVED: How to Program a Mitel 3300 Handset

If you have a Mitel 5330 or 5330e or (well… most modern Mitel hand sets) with a Mitel 3300 MCD backed, it is very easy to reassign handsets.


If you have an existing device and you want to reprogram it.  For example, ‘Joe’ spills a beer on the phone and kills it, so you want to take your now former employee ‘Lucy’s handset and give it to Joe.

The short version is to mitel-mcd-how-to-program-a-local-number-to-mitel-5330-ip-phoneenter the MAC address of Lucy’s phone into the USERS AND DEVICES > USERS AND SERVICES CONFIGURATION > find Joe > DEVICE DETAILS TAB.

The detailed story is:

  1. Open Internet Explorer, type in the address of your Mitel 3300 controller (MCD), and sign in with your admin account
  3. Search for your user (i.e. Joe) and click on him to have the right frame populate
  4. Click on Joe’s DEVICE DETAILS TAB
  5. enter the MAC address of the replacement phone (i.e Lucy’s)
  6. Click SAVE CHANGES button
  7. Unplug and replug the phone then wait for it to boot up
  8. B… Bingo

The question you may have is how to determine the MAC address of the replacement Mitel 5330 handset.  I have found two ready ways to find the MAC address of a Mitel 5330 handset:

  1. If the replacement phone was being used by someone else previously, just use steps 1 and 2 above, then search for your old phone (i.e. Lucy) COPY the MAC address from that field
  2. Power up the replacement phone and hold the volume UP key.  When prompted to CONFIGURE? the handset push * for YES, go through the NETWORK menu until you find the MAC (should be near the top depending on the firmware your handsets are running).


If you have a new Mitel 5330 handset you need to follow steps 1-4 above but in the MAC address field, you need to delete the contents and click save.  You can not have two devices (even a dead one) with the same phone number (unless you are ‘twinning’ and that is a whole other story).  Then power up your new Mitel 5330, and enter the following when prompted for the PIN:


To decode that, when you power up a previously unprogrammed Mitel handset you will quickly see a screen asking you for the PIN.  To answer this, press the star key twice, then enter the ‘local’ (in my case the last 3 digits of the full phone number) and then press the red HOLD button.

And that is how you save yourself a $100 to $200 service call.  … your welcome 🙂


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    Jeane Buhr August 25, 2017 at 11:14 am

    How do I remove a former staff members name from the directory callers use when they don’t know extension for that former employee?

    • Ian Matthews
      Ian Matthews August 25, 2017 at 11:20 pm

      HI Jeane There is a command in the MCD > MAINTENANCE COMMANDS that will list all of the users and extensions. Type the word LOCATE in the field and see what the next options are… it will be something like FIRST NAME or USER… see:

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