SOLVED: How to Change the Hard Drive for an SSD on a Lenovo Flex 3

Most Lenovo Flex 3’s ship with a spinning disk which operates at an embarrassing 5400RPM.  Two words: scrap it!  Go spend $75 and buy an SSD.  The process to swap out the hard drive is simple:

  1. Unplug the unit from the AC power and all other devices (i.e. USB mouse…)Lenovo-Flex-3-2-remove-back-to-access-battery-hard-drive
  2. Turn the unit over and remove all 10 screws
  3. From the corner under the screen near the network and Kensington lock port, use your fingers to pry the back off
    1. I have done this 4 times now, without any damage to my unit
  4. CAREFULLY peal back the small LENOVO sticker covering one of the screws holding in the hard drive
    1. If you tear it, you likely have voided your warranty.
    2. If I tore mine I would pull it off cleanly, leaving no trace behind because I have seen laptops with and without this sticker.  Who is to say yours ever had it?
  5. Lenovo-Flex-3-2-change-hard-driveCAREFULLY peal back the thermal foil stuck to the drive
  6. Lift the drive bracket out and disconnect it from the SATA3 motherboard connector
  7. Remove the common screws on the side holding the drive to the bracket
  8. Screw in the new SSD to the bracket
  9. Push the drive into the SATA3 motherboard connector
  10. Reinstall the three screws holding the drive bracket in place
  11. CAREFULLY push the thermal foil back into place
  12. CAREFULLY push the Lenovo sticker over the screw
  13. Put the back on and screw it in

Power up and have a nice day with your new SSD drive!


  1. Avatar
    DC October 2, 2016 at 5:54 pm

    Is this possible with the models equipped with flash drives?

    • Ian Matthews
      Ian Matthews October 9, 2016 at 11:33 pm

      I do not know for sure but I would assume it is the same process.

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