SOLVED: Where is Windows Hello Facial Recognition in Windows 10?

If you have recently purchased a laptop and heard about Windows 10’s new facial recognition software called Windows Hello, you are likely going to be disappointed.  Windows Hello is a FANTASTIC feature and from mLaptops-with-Intel-RealSense-Camera-Technology-2015-2016-support-windows-hello-facial-recognitiony brief testing on a Microsoft Surfacebook, it works quite well.  Unfortunately, it requires one of the new, and currently quite expensive, cameras that takes 3D and infrared.  As Intel puts it:

…Devices with the short-range, front-facing F200 camera features 1080p resolution and a depth sensor that simulates the vision capabilities of the human eye…

Coming soon! Tablets and 2 in 1s with Intel® RealSense™ Technology

Devices with the long range, world facing R200 camera will feature a full-HD camera with depth sensing capabilities. You can do 3D scanning, refocus objects in videos, change the background in real time and use selective filters with the touch of a finger…

Microsoft wants to ensure that a hacker (or family member) cannot sign on to your machine using just a picture of you.  To make this happen they require a camera that can see depth (i.e. a dual camera that takes 3D images) and infrared to make sure the face in front of the camera is alive.

Intel pioneered this technology with their Intel RealSense camera technology and I have placed two videos below to explain it in more detail.

In addition to one of the awesome new cameras, which almost no-one has yet, you also need to have your Windows 10 account VERIFIED.  Click START, type ACCOUNTS, click on CHANGE ACCOUNT SETTINGS… and see if there is a warning telling you that your account needs to be verified.





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