SOLVED: What is EDGE in Windows 10

internet-explorer-edge-devices-desktop-xbox-hololens-surface-hubEdge is the new default Internet browser in Windows 10.  It is not available for previous versions of Windows or other operating systems BUT it is available on all new Microsoft devices, from the Xbox, to Lumia Phones.  It effectively replaces Internet Explorer and has two highly visible differences:

  1. Edge does NOT support ActiveX – ActiveX is a fantastic Microsoft technology ONLY functional in Internet Explorer that allows ‘programs’ and addins to automatically install.  This has been a security problem and Microsoft is phasing it out.
  2. Edge is MUCH smaller – This means that it is faster and runs on all devices.

Microsoft says that Edge was required because they need a much much smaller browser to fit on allinternet-explorer-edge-road-map-windows-10-win-7-windows-8 future devices so re-writing Internet Explorer to a smaller size was just not an option.

As you can see in the Edge and Internet Explorer roadmap to the right, both products have a life well into 2020, but all previous version of Internet Explorer (for example IE10, are dead as of January 2016.

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