SOLVED: What is MEDIA CASTING in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Media Casting is a feature of Microsoft Edge Internet browser in Windows 10 that allows you to push the content from your computer to a TV screen.  Casting from Edge should work to any Miracast compliant screen.

There are, however, two giant how-to-mirror-content-from-edge-browser-to-tv-windows-10-cast-miracastlimitations which is that Hulu and Netflix will NOT cast.  YouTube, Facebook and nearly every other thing you can get in your Edge browser can be duplicated wirelessly on your TV.

To start a CAST, just click the ellipsis (the three dots in the top right corner of Edge, sometimes called a twinky) and select CAST MEDIA TO DEVICE.

If you do not see the CAST MEDIA option, you are likely running an old version of Windows 10.  This feature was released in build 10565 in October of 2015 and was released to EVERYONE in the third week of November 2015 as “TH2”.




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