Handy Near Free PDF Tools I Need To Get My Job Done!

The following are six tools I use regularly to manipulate Adobe Acrobat .PDF’s:

  1. Quick PDF Tools – Free – Used to edit PDF document properties one by one.  They say it works on multiple files, but not for me.
  2. Batch PDF Pro – $40 and Batch PDF Watermark – Free – The free Watermark/stamp tool is included in the $40 Pro Version.  This sofware will split PDF’s into smaller .PDF’s based on number of pages, it will convert .PDF’s to images, it can encrypt PDF’s, it can add a text watermark, it can merge different PDF’s.  Most noteably it does all of thes things in an easy to use interface which will batch these changes to as many .PDF’s as you have.  The largest set I have put through so far is 170 and it worked very well.
  3. PDF Change Title, Subject, Author, Keywords, Dates In Multiple Files Software – $20 but free for 30 days – Just what the name says but it does single file or batches, so if you need to change 100 PDF’s at the same time, it just works.  Note that the developer is sobolsoft.com and they have MANY other tools.
  4. Boxoft – PDF to Image Converter – Free –  This app converts as many pages as you want of your PDF into any common graphic type.  Most importantly it does batches.
  5. A-PDF Info Changer – Free – I use this when I have problems with other tools.
  6. VeryPDF to IMAGE – I use this to extract the first page of a PDF and convert it to a .JPG / .TIF / .PNG / .BMP… It is great software because, again, I can batch hundreds of PDF’s at the same time.  I can even set the .JPG quality… very nice.  This company has a lot of useful PDF converter tools.
  7. VeryPDF Advanced PDF Tools – I use this specifically to add / enable Fast Web View / Linearize PDF’s in batches.  Note that this feature often does not work well so I would recommend testing it on a small number of documents prior to doing alot of work.
  8. Doro-PDF Writer – Free – Standard but excellent PDF printer

This was originally posted May 2011 but I updated it Dec 2015.