Cluster-Aware-Updating-Readiness-Analyzer-Warning-The-machine-proxy-on-each-failover-cluster-node-should-be-set-to-a-local-proxy-serverYou may find ANALYZE CLUSTER UPDATING READINESS (in CLUSTER AWARE UPDATING in your Windows Server Cluster) comes back with a warning:

Rule ID: 10
Title: The machine proxy on each failover cluster node should be set to a local proxy server
Result: Warning
Problem: One or more failover cluster nodes have an incorrect machine proxy server configuration.
Impact: Cluster-Aware Updating cannot update this failover cluster in a deployment scenario where the failover cluster must directly access Windows Update/Microsoft Update or the local Windows Server Update Services server for downloading updates.
Resolution: Ensure that the machine proxy on each cluster node is appropriately set to a local proxy server.
Problem on: xxx-x7, xxx-x8

Generally, this warning can be ignored.  It is telling you that IF your servers need a proxy to get out to the internet (and Microsoft’s Windows Update Servers) that you need to set that proxy up.  Not many companies use proxies anymore so this is not likely an issue for you.

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