SOLVED: No Audio From Mitel Wireless DECT Headset

I recently had a situation in which a Mitel Wireless headset GN/Jabra 9330e, 9350e, 14151-02 that was connected to a Mitel 5330 handset stopped transferring audio.  I could not hear anything from the speaker, not even dial tone.  Similarly the mic produced no audio at the other end of the line.

Strangely though the headset buttons worked as expected.  For example if I clicked the large silver button, the line would pick or drop.

I tried all the usual fixes including: mitel-cordless-wireless-dect-headset-jabra-9330e-9350e-14151-02-button-controls-reset

In the end the solution was to simply remove the battery from the Mitel cordless headset (see picture) then reinsert the battery and BINGO, I had dial tone and all buttons worked.

I added text descriptions on the Mitel cordless headset picture that provides details what each button does, in case you did not know already.




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