SOLVED: How To Filter or Select or Remove Rows in An Excel Table Based on A Cells Contents

If you have an Excel table with a number of ROWS you want to have selected and removed based on the contents of a cell, you can use the SORT & FILTER editor.  It is very easy to use.

  1. Simply click on the column you want to evaluateHow-to-Filter-Select-Remove-Rows-in-an-Excel-Table-Based-on-Cell-Contents
  2. On the HOME tab click  SORT & FILTER then click the FILTER from the drop down
  3. Click drop down box at the top of the column you selected in step 1
  5. Click BEGINS WITH or any other rule that is appropriate for you
  6. Add any other rules you want to the CUSTOM AUTOFILTER box
  7. Have a nice day

To make this easier to understand we have a 90 second video showing the steps:

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