4 More Magazines Stop Printing and 3 Others Reduce Print Cyle

The Canadian Press reported today that many of Canada’s staple magazines are stopping print production completely and others are reducing the number of issues.

Macleans-Chatelaine-Todays-Parent-Flare-Sportsnet-MoneySense-Canadian-BusinessRogers Communications announced Friday an overhaul of its magazines that will see Flare, Sportsnet, MoneySense and Canadian Business disappear from store shelves and move to online only.

In addition, magazines including Maclean’s, Chatelaine and Today’s Parent will reduce the number of print editions that they publish.

Maclean’s will go from weekly to monthly issues, while Chatelaine and Today’s Parent will now be published six times a year…

This notice is consistent with many other IT Related magazines like ITWorld.  Paper products:

  1. are expensive to produce
  2. are expensive to layout
  3. are expensive to distribute
  4. have retail stores taking some of the profit
  5. less effective at providing targeted advertising
  6. radically more difficult to determine readership
  7. impossible to edit after the fact

Personally I like paper magazines and still subscribe to three, but this printed products as a category would appear destined for elimination, like stone houses and typewriters.  I am confident their will always be some printed magazines but the days in which an entire store could be run on magazine and newspaper sales are over.

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