For The First Time, Bitcoin Is Being Accepted In Canada Healthcare Industry

Bitcoin is becoming more well known, and the crypto-currency will be accepted by an online healthcare business that is based out of Canada. Ask The Doctor is soon to become the first healthcare enterprise that accepts bitcoin. The service is offered to patients worldwide. Given the fact that Ask The Doctor is an anonymous online service, it is a perfect venue for bitcoin to be used as payment.

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What Prompted Ask The Doctor To Begin Accepting Bitcoin?:

Ask The Doctor feels that bitcoin provides a way for patients to pay in a safer and more confidential manner. Bitcoin makes it possible for banks and credit lenders to be unaware that the patient used the services of Ask The Doctor. This is particularly important for some of the service’s patients. Ask The Doctor has become known for answering many deeply personal questions. There are certain issues that patients are unlikely to bring up with an offline doctor, but the anonymousness of Ask The Doctor makes it possible for patients to ask these questions more comfortably.

In addition, bitcoin prevents Ask The Doctor from showing up on credit card statements. While PayPal is known for it’s confidentiality, it does have online statements associated with it. However, bitcoin can eliminate this issue entirely. While there is a blockchain, purchases can be fully anonymized. This is important for those that wish to use the services of Ask The Doctor without informing their families or roommates.

Bitcoin is not associated with any country. Ask The Doctor is based out of Canada, but many of their patients are from elsewhere in the world. The currency exchange can sometimes complicate the issue of payment, but bitcoin can often provide a way around these issues. The process of exchanging bitcoins into one’s local currency is similar regardless of the country that the bitcoin holder is located in.

How Is This Change Likely To Affect Ask The Doctor?:

It can be expected that due to the increased privacy that bitcoin offers, more patients will likely end up using the services of Ask The Doctor. If Ask The Doctor grows as a result of this change, their services are likely to get even better!

The Change May Result In Other Healthcare Services Accepting Bitcoin:

Given bitcoin’s exceptional privacy and security, it can be expected that more healthcare companies may begin to accept bitcoin in the future. Other companies have begun to consider using bitcoin, due to the exceptional level of privacy that is possible with it. The fact that Ask The Doctor has already begun to accept the crypto-currency may cause other healthcare companies to follow their lead. This will be especially likely if the change is in fact positive for Ask The Doctor.

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