How To Get Started With Office365, Free 30 Day Trial, Free Books and 30 Minute Live Demos with Live Q&A’s

If you are interested in Office365,getting-started-with-office365 we at Up & Running would love to talk to you directly.  However, you can also:

  1. get a free 30 day Office 365 trial account for 25 people HERE.  Note that whatever you setup in the trial can EASILY be moved into ‘production’ so you don’t look any if your effort.
  2. download a simple “7 ways to Work Smarter in the Cloud” book directly from Microsoft HERE
  3. download a simple ebook titled “Trend Report: Why Businesses are Moving To the Cloud” directly from Microsoft
  4. attend a free 30 minute LIVE demo on Office365 then ask questions directly to live Microsoft Office365 staff

At Up & Running we eliminated buying our own servers and desktop software licenses back in 2010 when Office 365 still had the cludgy name of “Business Productivity Online Services” and was targeted at companies of 50 – 5000 seats.  Now Office 365 has evolved to be well suited to:

  • a single student
  • a single person company
  • companies with just a few employees who are growing
  • companies with just a few employees who are not growing
  • mid-sized businesses with 200 staff
  • massive worldwide enterprises with 200,000 employees and contractors
  • companies that just want to contract out their mail server
  • companies that just need extra server capacity at specific times of the year
  • companies that just want to get their desktop software licensing under control

Working in the cloud in general and Office 365 specifically represents the single most important change to the workplace since the late 1980’s computer revolution.  Office 365:

  • eliminates most of the costs associated with IT (local IT labour costs, downtime costs, hardware costs… are all gone)
  • massively expanding the reach of your organization to employees, vendors and clients
  • increases productivity by reducing downtime and being available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • expands on demand.  So if you hire more staff or need more server horsepower, it is available within seconds

If you still are not sure what Office 365 is all about and you want to start with something easy to understand, watch this excellent 2 minute video introduction:


Microsoft releases enhancements to Office 365 every month.  We thought you might be interested in the the October and August 2016 10 minute explanations of what is new in Office 365:



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