SOLVED: How To Fix Corrupted or Renamed Zip Files

In my case I had 4 ZIP files as part of a Split (sometimes called Span) that had been moved from floppy disk to a DVD and renamed.  This made it impossible form Windows EXTRACT or WinZip or 7Zip to figure out which file was which.

The file names were:

Each file was 1.4MB (except the #4) which lead me to think they were really a single .ZIP file that had originally been spanned/split over 4 floppy disks.    The naming convention for split/spanned zip files is FILENAME.Z0# so I renamed them to:


The last .ZIP should be .ZIP and it contains the index for all of the previous disks/Zips’ so that one you should not rename.

WinZip, 7Zip and Windows Extract still could not open them when I launched  I would see errors like:

7Zip: Not Implemented
WinZip: Specify Location For Part 1 of the Archivefix-extract-spanned-split-zip-files-corrupt-command-line

The remainder of the solution was to use WinZip’s command line tool which I sourced from HERE.  I followed the general repair command line instructions from WinZip support which lead to trial and error file renaming exercise.  When I ran the command:

c:\Program Files (x86)\WinZip>wzzip -yfs “c:\2004\”

I would see an error like:

The disk you inserted appears to be disk 1, the requested disk was 3.

and that gave the clue that the file I had named 3 I should rename to 1.  After renaming files based on what the error said, I was eventually able to extract all of the files.

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