SOLVED: Windows Update Error 31 and Windows Update error 8024200d and Feature Update To Windows 10 Pro sits at Downloading 0%

If you are running a WSUS server and are seeing your client PC’s stuck a DOWNLOADING 0% of FEATURE UPDATE WINDOWS 10, you likely have not completed all of the manual steps required to allow WSUS to transmit the update.

wsus-error-0x8024200d-red-x-1607-failedI was trying to deploy Win 1607 Pro to Win 10 1511 Pro PC’s using WSUS but on the three machines I have tried so far, Windows Update finds the update but it sits for hours on DOWNLOADING and never moves past 0% (see screenshot below).  WSUS shows the item with a red ‘X’.

Event logs and Errors May Show:

WSUS Report Shows:

Installation Failure: Windows failed to install the following update with error 0x8024200d: Feature update to Windows 10 Pro, version 1607, en-us, Retail.

The Clients Shows:

Feature update to Windows 10 Pro, version 1607, en-us, Retail
Failed to install

Client Event Viewer Shows:

Error 31: Windows Update Failed to Download an Update


The solution is to add the .ESD mime type to your WSUS servers IIS, WSUS ADMINISTRATION site:

  1. On your WSUS server launch IIS
  2. Expand the server name, then expand SITES
  4. Double click the MIME TYPES icon
  5. Click the ADD link in the top right of the ACTIONS pane (right)
  6. In the FILE NAME EXTENSION field, type .ESD
  7. In the MIME TYPE field, type application/octet-stream
  8. You may also want to add .MSU as an application/octet-stream but it was not required for this patch, but it will be for others

You do NOT have to restart IIS or your server.  The upgrades / updates should flow immediately.


Note that Jane Bian from Microsoft Partner Support pointed this out to me a THREE WEEKS prior to my “discovery”.  Wow!


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