If you are using Office365 email, you will periodically need to check the messages that Microsoft has flagged as ‘likely bad’ and moved into a special Quarantine folder.  The Quarantine is on the Microsoft Office365 mail servers and NOT visible from Outlook or even webmail.  To see the Office365 quarantine you need to:


Surf to https://protection.office.com/#/quarantine


  1. Surf to https://protection.office.com and sign inoffice365-see-quarantine
  2. Expand THREAT MANAGEMENT (left menu)
  3. Click REVIEW (left menu)
  4. Click QUARANTINE (center panel)
  5. Click the filter drop down box that is defaulted to SPAM and select each of the categories one by one to see the emails that Microsoft has quarantined on your behalf.


Note that if you are an ADMINISTRATOR and you try to view the quarantine using the PORTAL > ADMIN > ADMIN CENTERS > EXCHANGE > PROTECTION > QUARANTINE that you will only see SPAM.  That list does NOT show the other 4 categories (like Malware).


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