Microsoft Bookings is an awesome new Office365 tool that allows small businesses to have their customers schedule services.  Bookings is simple to setup and simple to use.  This video shows how to setup Microsoft Bookings.

We also have Office 365 Bookings videos on:

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  2. VIDEO: How To Configure Payments to Paypal or Stripe in Microsoft Bookings from Office365


Microsoft Bookings Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can I buy Microsoft Bookings sold without an Office 365 subscription?
    No, Bookings requires an Office365 subscription
  2. Which Office 365 offering provide Bookings?
    All business and enterprise Office365 bundles provide Bookings
  3. Does Bookings cost extra?
    No.  If you have a business or enterprise O365 package, you have Bookings
  4. Do my customers need a Office 365 licence to make bookings?
    No.  Customers that are making bookings do not require any license
  5. Do my customers need to have a Microsoft Account or sign in to use Microsoft Bookings?
    No.  Bookings customers do not require any login
  6. Does every member of my staff need an Office 365 licence?
    No.  Only administrators of Bookings need an O365 licence
  7. Can I disable reminder emails for just some customers?
    Yes, disabling reminders for some appointments is just a simple check box
  8. Will Microsoft Bookings work on an Apple iPad or iPhone?
    Yes, Bookings is a web based product that all modern browsers support
  9. Will Microsoft Bookings work on an Android tablet or phone?
    Yes, Bookings is a web based product that all modern browsers support
  10. Does Bookings create invoices and/or take payments?
    Not yet.  Microsoft has not stated a position on invoicing and payments but we are sure if Bookings becomes popular, they will expand the service.
  11. Who can help me with setting up Microsoft bookings?
    We can.  Please contact Up & Running Technologies Inc HERE
  12. How can I get a free 30 day trial of Microsoft Bookings?
    We offer a free 30 day trial of Office 365 that includes Bookings and you can sign up in 3 minutes HERE


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