SOLVED: Dell EqualLogic Host Connection Management Service Will Not Start: Error 2The system cannot find the file specified


If you have installed the Dell HIT Kit for EqualLogic product but cannot get the EqualLogic Host Connection Management Service to start, you likely need to install the Windows Server MPIO feature.  You may also see EHCM Service Is Not Running in the Dell EqualLogic MPIO tab of the iSCSI Initiator.


The solution is to:

  2. Click your LOCAL SERVER (on the left)
  3. Click MANAGE > ADD ROLES AND FEATURES (top right)
  4. Click NEXT through the wizard until you get to FEATURES
  5. Select MULTIPATH I/O
  6. Click NEXT through the rest of the wizard
  7. Now the ‘EqualLogic Host Connection Management’ Service should start


If you then see:

Windows Feature Installation The Referenced Assembly Could Not Be Found. Error: 0x80073701

See our solution for that problem HERE.

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