If you have a Dell server you likely want the Dell Management tools but it can be confusing to figure out which product you need.  Below is a quick summary of Dell OpenManage products:

  1. Dell OpenManage Server Manager: OMSA is the core free product that needs to be installed on each server.  OMSA provides an easy to use web interface that displays the status of the hardware.
  2. Dell OpenManage Essentials: OMEss is a free product that you can install on any server, but is intended to read the information from remote OMSA servers (same subnet).  OME is a centralized management tool and Dell recommends that you install it on a dedicated VM, although I always install it on a VM that has other management tools (like backup, SystemCenter, AV management…) and I have not had a any problems.You can download Dell OpenManage Essentials HERE.  Note that you may have to register, but there is no cost.
  3. Dell OpenManage Enterprise: OM Enterprise is the replacement for OpenManage Essentials.  The underlying difference is that OM Enterprise does not use SQL (and OMEss does).  More importantly OMEnt can be downloaded as a VHD which gets rid of all the installation issues.For details on how to download, install and configure Dell OpenManage Enterprise, read our simple instructions.


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