How to Keep your Online Accounts Secure



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The internet has revolutionised almost every aspect of our lives, but there’s no doubting that when it comes to our security, it’s given all of us pause for thought from time to time.

As we increasingly move our financial lives to the internet, we’re putting more and more faith in online security protocols to protect us from nefarious souls and bad intentions online. It’s a problem that grows only more serious when you take into account services like your betting account which, if hacked, could cause serious damage to your bank account, credit rating and more.

One of these is, undoubtedly, sites which allow visitors to play and bet with real money, also known as iGaming sites. The good news is that every reliable betting website you visit makes use of the same encryption technologies which protect things like your bank account, making it safer than ever before. But we all know that security doesn’t begin and end with the website itself.


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There are dozens of little things we can do to better protect our accounts online, and though they’re only small, they can have a significant effect on your overall security. iGaming accounts are often targetted because they don’t only involve real cash but actually store such cash as the player’s bankroll between plays. Although many casinos offer extra cash at your fingertips in the form of sign-up and deposit bonuses, a breach of your account means both the bonus and your own money could be stolen, disappearing into the bank account of an anonymous hacker.

So, how can you keep your online accounts secure?

  1. Choose Stronger Passwords – Your password is the key to your account, so don’t make it easy to guess. Studies have found that huge numbers of us are using simple, easy to guess passwords like ‘123456’. For a fast, hard to crack password pick three or four unrelated words and enter those as your new password. Both computer programs and human agents will find it a near impossible task to hack.
  2. Opt into Higher Security – Many online casinos will offer you the chance to opt-in to two-stage authentication or other added security methods. Where offered, always accept these methods. Two-stage authentication will send a text to your phone with a code to input alongside your password, thus ensuring that even if somebody gets your password, they can’t access your account.
  3. Turn on Login Notifications – Head into your settings panel and turn ‘on’ login notifications. This will alert you anytime somebody logs into your account, potentially saving you from a nasty (and expensive!) surprise.
  4. Beware Phishing Attempts – Phishing scams involve scammers creating perfect imitations of real emails from your betting company to trick you into either sending payments to them or giving away your password. If you’re ever unsure about an email from your betting company, get in touch with them directly to confirm its authenticity.
  5. Log Out When You’re Finished – Whether you’re using a public or private computer, making sure that you log out when you’re done rather than simply minimise your browser tab will ensure that anyone who gets ahold of your device can’t get on to your account.

Protecting your account is no more complicated than taking the steps listed above, and with your account security taking care of, you can get back to spending your time online as you wish to. So, what are you waiting for?



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    George March 13, 2018 at 12:23 am

    Using security programs is also recommended as there are various kinds of malware that can steal your cookies and passwords.

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