SOLVED: VIDEO: How to Disassemble A Seagate Backup Plus External Disk Chassis

In this video we show how to disassemble a 3.5″ Seagate Backup Plus External Disk Chassis.  In particular, we show how to remove the harddrive and explain that any 3.5″ hard disk could be inserted in the chassis to replace it.


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    George April 3, 2018 at 5:25 am

    Well, if the drive wasn’t broken before, then it should be now with all these bumps lol. Jokes aside, I had the same problem. The drive stopped working. So, I took it out from the external case, inserted a new one, and now it’s working like a charm again. Useful video for those who don’t know that you can open an external drive case and insert a new one instead of buying the whole set again.

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