5 Web Design Trends in 2018

Are you sure your website is trendy and responsive enough to attract even more customers in 2018? Maybe you need a new, better one? In this case, you should know at least something about web design and the current trends in the industry.


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Don’t worry, you don’t need to visit special courses or hire a professional team to help you to figure out what is trendy and what is no more effective for your website this year. All you need is just a couple of minutes and the desire to make better what you already have. Don’t have your website yet? That’s not a problem. You can check influce.com to see how exactly to solve that problem from a professional point of view.

But if you already have a platform, check what kind of changes you might bring in 2018, making it even more productive and effective.

Best Web Design Tendencies in 2018

Web design is the beauty and smart navigation of your website. It can go one way or another as long as it is suitable for your target audience and marketing goals. Your design should match what your customers are looking for. The design, in general, is a very subjective topic. Still, there are some obvious trends, which can’t be neglected when working on your own platform, no matter what your niche or market is. Those are exactly the trends we’re going to discuss right now.

So, what should you base your website on in 2018? What ideas should you pay attention to first?


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Every season we come up with slightly different trends in web design and development. The following 5 trends are recommended to be really watched out for by the experts during the next season.

  1. Colors. Black and white website design is slightly going out. What trendy right now is adding a pop of color to your platform – blue, red, orange, purple, etc.
  2. Typography. Those 14-16 pixel fonts seem to be everywhere right now. In 2018 the fonts become bigger and bolder. The more customized font you have, the better. That is the typography logo this season;
  3. Gradient. Gradient color transitions have also replaced black and white backgrounds, which were on top during the last 2-3 years. Multicolor gradient backgrounds are already here;
  4. Responsive design. That is probably one of the most important trends. The websites become more user-friendly and mobile;
  5. Animation. Want your website to stand out? Use animation. Animated and interactive user interface design looks equally good in every field and is suitable for every market category.

Web design trends are a very specific topic. The Internet is overwhelmed with different opinions and personal ideas about what exactly is going to be on top this or that season. We’ve tried to sum up all of those opinions, composing them into 5 biggest trends, which everyone seems to be agreeing on.

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