Despite Dell’s sales staff statements and promotional material claims the latest update to the Dell Optiplex line the 60 series (5060’s and 7060’s) do NOT have Thunderbolt


Dell says that the Optiplex 5060 will not have an Thunderbolt option but the 7060 will at some point in the future.  As of this writing, there is no release date for a Dell corporate desktop with Thunderbolt.

If you are thinking you can get around this by adding a thunderbolt add-in card later, you are likely wrong.  Thunderbolt has to be designed in at the motherboard level and cannot be added like a USB 3.0 or a Firewire card could.  It is possible that all of the 7060’s could simply require a firmware update and an expansion bracket to support Thunderbolt in the future, but Dell has a history of “near” product… product that is ALMOST functional with new tech so I would not bet on it.


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