We have produced four videos exploring the changes the Samsung S9 brings to people that are upgrading from older Android cell’s, like the Galaxy S7, LG G5, Sony Expedia,…  The idea is that we are not covering every microscopic detail of the device just because it was changed from the S8; we are explaining and demonstrating the features that most people will or should care about that already have some understanding of Android.

In my case I am upgrading from an S6 to an S9 and there are a lot of useful features that are easy to miss in the S9.

1: Samsung S9 Hardware

This includes a brief explanation of Bixby, Memory Expansion, Headphone jack, Wireless Fast Charging, Gorilla Glass 5, Edge Alerts, Screen Size and much more.

2: Samsung S9 Security

In this video we cover Spam Call Protection, PIN’s, facial recognition, iris recognitipon, Knox, fingerprint scanner and antivirus.

3: Samsung S9 Home Screen

In this video we cover the control buttons (task manager, home and back), App Edge, Bixby, Google Assistant, Always On, moving icons, uninstalling apps, adding widgets and more.

4 : Samsung S9 Settings

In this S9 video we cover all of the quick settings, including Performance Mode, Power Saving Modes, NFC, Blue Light, Smart View, Edge Lighting, Dolby Atmos, Resets, and searching.

In addition to these introductory video’s we have some advanced videos on things like the amazing Samsung Dex Pad dock:


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