This video unboxes the Samsung Wireless Fast Charger (part number EP-PG950) that was originally built for the S8.  We think the S8 wireless fast charger is better than the new S9 wireless fast charger because it folds up and down and the new S9 unit does not.  Apparently inside the old S8 wireless fast charger has 3 rings and the new S9 wireless fast charger has two but they are both “QI” fast chargers.

In addition to working with the S9, according to the packaging, this charger will work on the S8, S7, S6 Note, S6 Edge and Note5.

This video also shows you how to setup the Samsung wireless fast charger and tell if it if is fast charging.

It also explains how to tell if your Samsung devices are counterfeit… like these ones 🙁

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