The video below shows the Samsung Dex Pad (part EE-M5100) unboxing setup and troubleshooting.  The Samsung Dex Pad is a dock for a Samsung S8 or S9 that effectively turns the cell phone into a full Chromebook by adding a monitor keyboard and mouse.

There are four issues to be aware of:

  1. The Dex Station is the older (and less capable) dock built for the S8.  It is NOT the same as the Dex Pad.
  2. You have to use a monitor with HDMI which may be an issue because:
    1. many monitors are now DisplayPort
    2. you cannot readily convert HDMI to DisplayPort
  3. You MUST go through the wizard that appears on the screen
    • if you don’t the mouse will move but you can not click on anything and the keyboard will have no impact
  4. Make sure you buy the one with your countries power pack.
    • As you will see in the video, we sourced a UK model, which works fine other than the power adapter was useless to us

This video is part of a series we have including:


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