SOLVED: The Ultimate Guide To Fixing Internet Explorer On Windows 10

broken-internet-explorer-11If you have problems with Internet Explorer like:

  • IE will not launch
  • IE crashes frequently
  • IE will not refresh
  • IE will not connect
  • IE will only run when using RIGHT CLICK, RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR

We will go through the fixes from easiest and fastest to more technical solutions:

  1. Clear Temp Files: CONTROL PANEL > INTERNET OPTIONS > BROWSING HISTORY button > check all of the options that you would like, but ensure you have TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES AND WEBSITE FILES selected, click the DELETE button
  3. Reset IE Completely: CONTROL PANEL > INTERNET OPTIONS > ADVANCED > click RESET button in bottom right and reset everything
  4. Disable Protected Mode: CONTROL PANEL > INTERNET OPTIONS > SECURITY tab > click each of the “zones” (icons along the top) and UNcheck ENABLE PROTECTED MODE
  5. Confirm Connectivity: Try another browser like Microsoft Edge (built into every version of Windows 10) to confirm connectivity to the internet
  6. Run Internet Troubleshooter: START > SETTINGS (cog) > UPDATE & SECURITY > TROUBLESHOOT (left menu) > INTERNET CONNECTIONS
  7. Different User: Log on to the same PC as a different user and see if the issue is limited to just your profile
  8. Run As Admin: Right Click on the Internet Explorer > select MORE > click RUN AS AN ADMINISTRATOR – if this works, see item 9 below
  9. Check Security Software:
    • In particular, if you have IBM TRUSTEER uninstall it and see if your problems are resolved.  In my case I have dealt with several instances of Trusteer blocking IE 11 from starting unless you right click on it and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.
    • If you have an antivirus or behavior monitoring software running, disable it and then test IE
  10. cmd-line-to-cleanup-ie11Command Line Clean up of Your System: Right click on the start button and select WINDOWS POWERSHELL (ADMIN) – make sure you select the one with ADMIN! – run the following commands:
    • Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth wait for it to finish then run the next command
  11. ‘Clean’ The Registry & Dead Files Using CCleaner: Download and install CCleaner from HERE.  If you don’t know how to use CCleaner, just watch this short video.

  12. Remove & Reinstall IE11: This was not possible until recent builds of Windows 10 but now it is quite easy:
    • UNINSTALL IE11: Right Click on the START button and select APPS & FEATURES > click MANAGE OPTIONAL FEATURES (at the very top under the title) > find INTERNET EXPLORER 11 and click the UNINSTALL button
    • INSTALL IE11: Right Click on the START button and select APPS & FEATURES > click MANAGE OPTIONAL FEATURES (at the very top under the title) > click ADD OPTIONAL FEATURES (at the top) > click INTERNET EXPLORER 11 and select INSTALL
  13. Update Windows To The Latest Build: Microsoft releases a fresh version of Windows 10 twice per year, once in April and September.  If you have a version that is older than 8 months, you should use the WINDOWS 10 MEDIA CREATION TOOL directly from Microsoft HERE (don’t worry about the name… you don’t need to create Win10 media) and run it.  It will ask you if you want to upgrade this PC or if you want to make media for other PC’s… just upgrade


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