SOLVED: What is an IMEI Code & Where Can I Find It?

IMEI is short for “International Mobile Equipment Identity” and is effectively the GLOBAL serial number of the cell phone / tablet / laptop.  We say ‘global’ because a serial number is specific to the manufacturer but the IMEI is a number that is guaranteed to be unique across all manufacturers.  This why your cell phone has both a Serial Number and an IMEI.

To be more exact, there is one IMEI for every SIM the cell is capable of holding.  That means cell phone and tablets that support two SIM cards will have TWO IMEI numbers.

We have a complete list of all the common cell phone acronyms HERE if you want to know what SIM, GSM, LTE, 5G or others mean.

The IMEI code should be available:

  1. on the outside of the box your cell phone came in
  2. on a sticker on the back of the phone (not all cells have this, but all Samsung’s do)
  3. call *#06# on your cell (yes, we know that is wacky, but it works… try it)
  4. in the settings “ABOUT” or “STATUS” section of your cell phone software

Below are some videos to help you locate your IMEI:



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