VIDEO: Dell Latitude 5490 Unboxing and Basic Disassembly To Change Hard Drives, Battery or Add Memory

The Dell Latitude 5490 is the 2018 replacement for the 5480 released in 2017.   The Latitude 5480 was an amazing corporate grade laptop that had the option to add a “Caching SSD” to massively boost the performance of a spinning hard disk.  Unfortunately the, that functionality has been removed from the 5490 and it will be missed.

This video shows:

  1. What is in the box, aka the unboxing
  2. A quick tour of the ports on the outside of the laptop
  3. Removable of the bottom/back cover to:
    1. replace the battery
    2. upgrade the memory
    3. replace the spinning hard disk, with either an PCIe M.2 or SATA SSD

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