Early in 2018 Dell introduced a new brand named Dell Cinema which has confused some people, so here is the short explanation you are likely looking for.  Dell Cinema is three enhancements to existing technology.  The confusion is that a Dell computer may not have all of these three enhancements.  For example, THIS Dell Inspiron 5000 17″  comes with Dell Cinema Sound and Dell Cinema Stream, but not Dell Cinema Color, so you have to read what is included in the small print.

What Are The Three Elements of Dell Cinema?

1: Cinema Sound

Waves MaxxAudio Pro software combined with better quality speakers to boosts volume and clarifies tone.  The audio processing also effects headsets and externally connected speakers.

2: Cinema Color

Dell Cinema Color is a screen capable of displaying “High Dynamic Range” (HDR) content.  This means much more contrast ratio and color range.  This is the most expensive of the three options so it is the one that is most often missing.  Today, you likely need to go into the Dell XPS (professional line) of laptops to get it.

3: Cinema Stream

Dell Cinema Stream uses “Dell Smartbyte” software to prioritize data packets from streaming content above other network content so the viewer  does not see pauses or ‘shuttering’ as the system buffers up the next few seconds of content.

Here is the simple Dell Cinema Explanation:

Here is some Dell staff explaining the three Dell Cinema features:



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