VIDEO: Prank The Phone Scammers

Listen to me pretend to be everyone from Ronald Reagan to L Ron Hubbard to Jesus Christ with these stupid phone scammers.

The first half of this recording is me jerking these guys around with fake names and stupid accents but the second half is a recording I did trying to get them to lay out the whole scam. It was shocking how complex the attack was. They used a front end staffer to call and hook me, then fake transferred me to the RCMP which used a fake call display to appear to be calling from the local RCMP office, then started in for the close to try and get $8000 out of me.

I am sick and tired of phone scams so now I drag out the calls as long as I can and make them pay with wasted time. If they make the mistake of giving me their phone number I call them dozens of times over a few days and I highly recommend you do the same thing.

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