VIDEO: HP All In One 27″ Unboxing, Disassembly, Change to SSD & Benchmarking

HP-pavilion-r119-all-in-one-desktop-pcIn recent years it has become common for home PC users to use large laptops, considering them more like “small PC’s”.  This trend led computer manufacturers to build the laptop computer into the back of a screen and then provide and external keyboard and mouse.  This innovation is the “All In One” Computer.  All in Ones eliminate many of the cables and mess you get with traditional desktop PC’s.

Acer was the first company we noticed to build All In Ones back in the 1990’s but today everyone builds them.  We recently sourced a new HP All In One 27″ Pavilion R119 Desktop PC then:

  1. Benchmarked it with the slow spinning disk it shipped with
  2. Nearly completely disassembled it
  3. Change the spinning disk to an SSD
  4. Benchmarked it again

Below are the two videos showing this work:

VIDEO: HP All In One Desktop Unboxing Disassembly & Initial Setup

VIDEO: HP All In One 27″ Disassembly, Change to SSD & Benchmarking



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