What are the Most Important Features that Determine if a PC Will be Good for Gaming?

If you find the idea of building your own custom gaming rig too much of a daunting task, there are plenty of ready-made PCs on the market that are more than capable of providing an amazing gaming experience. Gamers with little knowledge of computers can get hold of the hardware that they need as long as they know what features to look GSkill-Red-RIP-RAM-on-PC-motherboardout for when shopping around. Here, we detail what the most important characteristics are for a gaming PC so you can get a piece of kit that will give you the best gaming experience possible.

If you’re serious about gaming, going for a PC over a console is a wise choice. PC technology is moving rapidly forward year after year, while consoles only receive major upgrades every year. According to experts, the latest consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are the equivalent of a 5-year-old PC. Console players will have to wait for the release of the next generation of console to get the most up to date technology for the platform. PC gamers can get the best products right away.

One of the first things to look out for when purchasing a gaming PC is what processor it has. You need to choose an i5 or i7 processor with 8 cores for the best results but, if your budget can’t stretch to the top end, then a processor with 4 cores would be sufficient. Those who opt for anything less than this, such as a dual-core processor will notice a significant drop in gaming performance. When gamers build their own setups, they always go for the best processor they can afford and work around it. This is the hardest part of the computer to upgrade, so it’s important not to cut costs with this component.

When it comes to memory, the more RAM you have generally helps make the computer’s performance smoother. A gaming computer needs at least 8GB, but going for 16GB means that it will be able to run anything that is thrown at it. While RAM is important, dedicated gamers rate the graphics card more highly. The GPU will give you the biggest boost in gaming performance and, for this reason, it’s important to stay away from PCs with low-end cards. Some of the best options available today are the GTX 970 and the GTX 1070. Finally, you’ll need a computer with a decent display and up-to-date gaming ports. For 3D gaming, the minimum requirement is a 120Hz display, while a screen resolution of 2560×1440 is optimal. The ports should include HDMI and dual-link DVI.

If you’re serious about gaming, searching for a PC which includes all of these features will provide a great gaming experience. It’s important to go to the higher end of your budget when buying because the PC will run better and last longer. In the long run, spending more can turn out to be economical because you won’t have to change parts as frequently.

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