SOLVED: How To Force A Program To Run As Administrator via Elevation

There are many programs that will run as both an administrator and as a restricted user.  However, when some security programs like Active Directory Sites and Services and Group Policy Management Tool, are run as a standard restricted user they have very little functionality.  As a result admins must right click on the relevant shortcut and select RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR to force an elevation.  This is a pain.

force-run-as-administrator-promptTo have programs automatically prompt for elevation:

  1. Find the program in your START menu
  2. Right click on the program and select OPEN FILE LOCATION
  3. Right click on the program and select SHORTCUT (tab), ADVANCED (button)
  4. Click the RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR checkbox
  5. Click OK and OK – you may be prompted for Admin Credentials to make this change

From this point on when you click the program, Windows will provide a Administrator Credentials elevation box automatically.

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