The Best PC Setup for the Ultimate Online Gambling Experience

According to a study carried out in the UK, almost half of us gamble on a regular basis. The majority do so online, which means that in order to get the most out of the experience, finding the perfect PC setup is essential.

To the amateur and the uninitiated, it may seem there’s little one can do to alter their enjoyment, but the more experienced among us know that picking the right equipment can make all the difference.

So, play often and wondering how best to maximize those minutes spent in front of your computer screen? Here’s what we recommend.

A Windows 10 operating system 

Windws-10-red-wallWhen it comes to ensuring that the dollar you gamble is money well spent, one might imagine the most important factor is finding the ideal casino to play at, or sourcing the best real-money bonus from here. While both of these are vital to your overall enjoyment, they can only be fully appreciated with the right set-up, and a Windows 10 operating system is the perfect place to start. Picking up where Windows 7 left off, the tech underpinning it is specifically tailored towards the needs of gamers – and boy, does it show! With DirectX 12 as standard and a strong performance to boot, it should definitely be your go-to choice.

An AMD R5 1600x processor 

There are lots of quality processors around, and the Intel K-series i5 is certainly worth a mention here, but the best of the best for internet gambling aficionados is undoubtedly the AMD R5 1600x. Made with high-powered gaming in mind, it ensures your chosen casino platform will run at lightning speed, whilst also providing maximal responsiveness. Able to handle all manner of online games, the AMD R5 beats everything else on the market hands-down, to give you the ultimate online gambling experience.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card 

Now onto another important one: your graphics card. Although most gambling games do not require advanced GPUs, there is an increasing trend toward live casinos, which makes our recommendation a meritorious one. Choosing the best card for gaming is pretty tricky because so many of them excel in this area. That said, our personal choice would be the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050, and there are a few good reasons for this. Offering HD-grade performance plus 2GB of RAM, it makes sure you can enjoy pretty much any game or live play in stunning high definition, and at a speed which is unparalleled. Add to that it’s comparatively low power consumption and resultant economy, and you soon start to see what a top-notch choice it would be. However, if you do opt to invest in the AMD processor recommended above, Radeon cards are perhaps a better option in terms of compatibility (while Nvidia cards pair best with Intel processors), so some further research may be required to help you settle on your personal preference.

The Acer XF270HUA monitor 


Now for the final piece of the puzzle: your monitor. We thought about where our vote should go for a long time, and it was the Acer XF270HUA that finally came out on top. As one of the most advanced monitors on the market, this impressive piece of equipment was created with the ultimate gaming performance in mind. Its panel is especially high calibre, with vibrant, high contrast visuals, and a rapid refresh rate and lightning response that are sure to show your games in the very best light. This means that whether it’s live blackjack or bog-standard slots that float your boat, your every need will be perfectly covered.

Isn’t it time to revamp your set-up and gift yourself the ultimate gaming experience?

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