VIDEO: Office365 Forms Explanation & Demonstration

Microsoft Office365 Forms used to only be available to those with Education licenses but now available to nearly everyone with an Office 365 license.  It is a simple survey tool that can be restricted to internal corporate use or wide open anonymous use.

We explain and demonstrate Microsoft Office 365 Forms in segments. The first segment is about 9 minutes long and shows you all you need to know to create and use a Form or a Quiz. The second segment is the Advanced Forms portion that explains all of the remaining features in Forms, including Branching, custom themes and Collaboration.

We also explain the difference between Forms and Quizzes so if you want to know how to use Office 365 Forms or Quizzes, look no further:

If you want to see the Form we created in this presentation click HERE and if you want to see the Quiz we created click HERE.


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