SOLVED: How to Setup Azure Storage For Backups Like Veeam

Most companies want to back up their data to an offsite location and until recently the best way to do that at was to backup your data locally and then run a backup copy job to a service provider.  However, those providers offer an additional level of service than most companies need.  Most companies just need a safe cloud repository that is not in the same geography as they are.

This week Veeam released the cleverly named “Update 4” to Veeam Backup and Protection 9.5 which makes backing up to Azure and Amazon blog storage easy.  However, you need to know how to setup the blob storage so Veeam can copy the data to it.  The problem is there are a lot of choices to make and Azure can be daunting so here is the step by step instructions to setup Azure blob storage for backup like Veeam

  1. Surf to
    1. Click the START FREE if you want a $200-ish credit to get going
    2. Otherwise just go directly to the portal at and sign in
  2. Click STORAGE ACCOUNTS (from the menu on the left)
  4. Select your SUBSCRIPTION from the drop down
  5. Click CREATE NEW for the RESOURCE GROUP and type in something that makes sense to you
    1. Resource group is literally that, a group of resources under one umbrella, so if you click on “Resource Group” on the left side of the portal, you should see the individual groups you have/will create.Storage Account is the way to get storage for your Azure account.
  6. Type in a new STORAGE ACCOUNT NAME
    1. Storage Account is just the account that gives you access to Azure storage. It’s not a folder per se. Just how you access Azure storage, of which Blob storage is a part.
  7. Select a LOCATION from the drop down list
    1. If you want to know what LOCATION is in WHAT city, see THIS list
  9. Select STORAGE V2 (General Purpose v2) for ACCOUNT KIND
    1. v1 will be retired soon according to Microsoft so you are going to end up with v2 anyway
  10. Most companies will want to select LOCALLY-REDUNDANT STORAGE (LRS) for REPLICATION
    1. If you are not sure what this is, we have an awesome little summary HERE.
  11. Select COOL for ACCESS TIER
    1. If you are not sure what this is, we have an awesome little summary HERE.
  12. Click the NEXT: ADVANCED button
    1. Most companies will not change any these settings
  13. Click the NEXT : TAGS button
    1. OPTIONAL: Enter a name and value for this storage so you can keep track of your costs.  If you want a full explanation of tags click HERE .
  14. Click the NEXT: REVIEW + CREATE button
  15. Assuming all looks well, click the CREATE button
  16. After that is complete you need to get the keys so expand STORAGE ACCOUNTS > (name) > ACCESS KEYS

Click on the screenshots below for more details:

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