SOLVED: VIDEO: How To Create a Sunburst Chart In Excel

If you want to get a bunch of data that you need to get into peoples heads, you need to convert that data to information.  The best way to accomplish this is with a graphic.  In this video we will show you how to very easily convert the information in the tiered Excel sheet below into a much more meaningful sunburst graphic.

Energy Stationary Combustion Mining & Upstream Oil & Gas Production 105253
Public Electricity & Hear 83703
Manufacturing 43093
Residential (Heating) 43037
Commercial & Industrial 30515
Other 21055
Transportation Road Transportation 144058
Off-Road Transportation & Pipeline 39078
Air, Rail & Marine 19069
Fugitive Sources Venting 30820
Other 20958
Agriculture 58952
IPPU 51067
Waste 24699


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