azure-data-center-global-mapSometimes Microsoft’s data centers for Azure and Office365 are referred to by city name and other times by region or country.  It can be very confusing to figure out which Data Center is where.

For instance, as per one of my customers legal requirements I need to set a storage pool to keep data Ireland but I could not figure out which site was Ireland.  I certainly would have never guessed that Ireland is listed as NORTHERN EUROPE, but it is.



East USVirginiaOperational
East US 2VirginiaOperational
Central USIowaOperational
North Central USIllinoisOperational
South Central USTexas (San Antonio)Operational
West Central USWyomingOperational
West USCalifornia (Fresno)Operational
West US 2Washington StateOperational
Canada EastQuebec CityOperational
Canada CentralTorontoOperational
Brazil SouthSao Paulo StateOperational


North EuropeIrelandOperational
West EuropeNetherlandsOperational
France CentralParisOperational
France SouthMarseilleOperational
UK WestCardiffOperational
UK SouthLondonOperational
Germany CentralFrankfurtOperational
Germany NortheastMagdeburgOperational
Germany NorthGermany North2019/20
Germany West CentralGermany West Central2019/20
Switzerland NorthZurich2019/20
Switzerland WestGeneva2019/20
Norway EastNorway2019/20
Norway WestNorway2019/20

Asia Pacific

Southeast AsiaSingaporeOperational
East AsiaHong KongOperational
Australia EastNew South WalesOperational
Australia SoutheastVictoriaOperational
Australia CentralCanberraOperational
Australia Central 2CanberraOperational
China EastShanghaiOperational
China NorthBeijingOperational
China East 2ShanghaiOperational
China North 2BeijingOperational
Central IndiaPuneOperational
West IndiaMumbaiOperational
South IndiaChennaiOperational
Japan EastTokyo, SaitamaOperational
Japan WestOsakaOperational
Korea CentralSeoulOperational
Korea SouthBusanOperational

Middle East and Africa

South Africa WestCape Town2019/20
South Africa NorthJohannesburg2019/20
UAE CentralAbu Dhabi2019/20
UAE NorthDubai2019/20

Azure Government

US Gov VirginiaVirginiaOperational
US Gov IowaIowaOperational
US Gov ArizonaArizonaOperational
US Gov TexasTexasOperational
US DoD EastVirginiaOperational
US DoD CentralIowaOperational
US Sec EastUndisclosed2019/20
US Sec WestUndisclosed2019/20


Sarfati · May 23, 2020 at 6:25 am

i have a question about Azure Region and localisation computer. Does someone can connect himself from Spain and select a British Mail Account to seect South African Region ?
Following this situation, if i use my African old job mail to my actual localization (Spain), is it possible to found some issue in case for the Payment or Cost (Azure monitor price hight) ?

    Ian Matthews · May 23, 2020 at 9:37 am

    Hi Sarfati;

    You can select whatever regions you want for your data center (exceping military and gov sites) regardless of what region you are actually in. I work from Canada, my largest customer is based in the US, but have to use an MS data center in Ireland because the company is listed on the Norwegian stock exchange and needs to officially keep their data in Europe!

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