SOLVED: Where Are Microsoft’s Data Centers Located?

azure-data-center-global-mapSometimes Microsoft’s data centers for Azure and Office365 are referred to by city name and other times by region or country.  It can be very confusing to figure out which Data Center is where.

For instance, as per one of my customers legal requirements I need to set a storage pool to keep data Ireland but I could not figure out which site was Ireland.  I certainly would have never guessed that Ireland is listed as NORTHERN EUROPE, but it is.

Zone Region Location Status


East US Virginia Operational
East US 2 Virginia Operational
Central US Iowa Operational
North Central US Illinois Operational
South Central US Texas (San Antonio) Operational
West Central US Wyoming Operational
West US California (Fresno) Operational
West US 2 Washington State Operational
Canada East Quebec City Operational
Canada Central Toronto Operational
Brazil South Sao Paulo State Operational


North Europe Ireland Operational
West Europe Netherlands Operational
France Central Paris Operational
France South Marseille Operational
UK West Cardiff Operational
UK South London Operational
Germany Central Frankfurt Operational
Germany Northeast Magdeburg Operational
Germany North Germany North 2019/20
Germany West Central Germany West Central 2019/20
Switzerland North Zurich 2019/20
Switzerland West Geneva 2019/20
Norway East Norway 2019/20
Norway West Norway 2019/20

Asia Pacific

Southeast Asia Singapore Operational
East Asia Hong Kong Operational
Australia East New South Wales Operational
Australia Southeast Victoria Operational
Australia Central Canberra Operational
Australia Central 2 Canberra Operational
China East Shanghai Operational
China North Beijing Operational
China East 2 Shanghai Operational
China North 2 Beijing Operational
Central India Pune Operational
West India Mumbai Operational
South India Chennai Operational
Japan East Tokyo, Saitama Operational
Japan West Osaka Operational
Korea Central Seoul Operational
Korea South Busan Operational

Middle East and Africa

South Africa West Cape Town 2019/20
South Africa North Johannesburg 2019/20
UAE Central Abu Dhabi 2019/20
UAE North Dubai 2019/20

Azure Government

US Gov Virginia Virginia Operational
US Gov Iowa Iowa Operational
US Gov Arizona Arizona Operational
US Gov Texas Texas Operational
US DoD East Virginia Operational
US DoD Central Iowa Operational
US Sec East Undisclosed 2019/20
US Sec West Undisclosed 2019/20


  1. Avatar
    Sarfati May 23, 2020 at 6:25 am

    i have a question about Azure Region and localisation computer. Does someone can connect himself from Spain and select a British Mail Account to seect South African Region ?
    Following this situation, if i use my African old job mail to my actual localization (Spain), is it possible to found some issue in case for the Payment or Cost (Azure monitor price hight) ?

    • Ian Matthews
      Ian Matthews May 23, 2020 at 9:37 am

      Hi Sarfati;

      You can select whatever regions you want for your data center (exceping military and gov sites) regardless of what region you are actually in. I work from Canada, my largest customer is based in the US, but have to use an MS data center in Ireland because the company is listed on the Norwegian stock exchange and needs to officially keep their data in Europe!

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