SOLVED: 64Bit Office Cannot Be Installed

If you are trying to deploy 64bit Office 365 Pro Plus or Office 2019 using a command line from the Office Deployment Toolkit (ODT) you may see no error message but it just doesn’t install:

C:\Windows\system32>\\cal-s2\office365$\setup.exe /configure semiannual-targeted-64Bit.xml

or if you are using a deployment tool with PDQ Deploy, you might see:

Command script returned error code 1603

which is a generic ‘didn’t work’ error.

We spent several embarrassing hours on this one.  The problem was simply that the PC in question had Visio 32Bit installed.  32Bit and 64Bit Office apps (like Visio and Project) cannot live on the same PC.  The solution was to uninstall Visio 32Bit.  If you had Project 32Bit, you would see the same problem.

Note that for some reason Teams 32Bit can live on a PC with Office 64bit.

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