SOLVED: Veeam Cloud Storage Backup Costs Drop Dramatically

Veeam Cloud PartnersTwo years ago it was normal for Cloud storage of Veeam backups (backup copy jobs, mostly), to cost between $100 and $125 per Terra-byte.  I had negotiated a rate of near $80/TB with my cloud provider on about 15TB of space.  However, the new Veeam 9.5 Update 4 enhances its ability to store data on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure blob storage so Veeam partners need to react if they want to keep their businesses.

Unfortunately, we now know why Veeam 9.5 Update 4 is not named Veeam 10 (which seems like it has been delayed for literally years).  It appears that Veeam did not want to ‘blow’ the number 10 on an iterative upgrade that only provides easy connections to AWS and Azure but STILL does not allow for meaningful retention policies.  Our guess is that Veeam 10 will make connections to Azure and AWS even easier AND allow your backup copy job retention policies to be applied.

Now on to the point of this article, money.  We recently looked at about 10 Veeam cloud partners and found the four below to be the most interesting.

The prices shown are all public and not negotiated… except Whipcord.  Whipcord has been our Veeam cloud storage provider for years and while we have had problems that I don’t believe were at our end, they have worked to resolve them.  To maintain good business ethics, I cannot show the price I negotiated with Whipcord on our 20TB-ish of backup, but I can say it was competitive with iLand.

Note that figures are in USD.

Company Data Center Locations Storage Price Per VM Ingress  Egress Notes
iLand Dallas, LA, Virginia, Toronto $25/TB n/a n/c n/c Veeams largest cloud service provider
Quest Virgina, Texas, Nevada, California $15/TB n/c n/c n/c Allows 2 100mb data streams at the same time!
Storage Pipe Toronto, Ottawa, Texas, Ireland $100TB ? ? ? Argumentative sales staff… not my fav.
Whipcord Toronto, Vancouver, Lethbridge Competitive $7 n/c n/c Friendly

I will revisit these prices in 2020 and hope that Veeam 10 has been released with support for retentions inside AWS or Azure.


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