If you try to install 32 bit Windows on a Hyper V server you may find that it just will not see the installation files.  I tried from:

  1. Windows 10 32Bit Enterprise ISO downloaded from Microsoft VLSC
  2. Windows 10 32Bit Pro ISO downloaded using the current Windows 10 Media Creation Tool
  3. Windows 10 32Bit from a Windows Deployment Server WDS

but had no detectable error messages… it just would not load.  hyperv-vm-wizard-specify-generationI spent about 40 minutes banging on this one before I found the simple solution.

HyperV only supports 32 Bit Operating Systems under GENERATION 1.  You also cannot change a Hyper V VM’s ‘Generation’ which means the fix is to delete the VM and recreate it but this time specifying GENERATION 1 on the second step of the NEW VIRTUAL MACHINE WIZARD.

This article refers to Window 10 32 bit but it would be the same problem for Windows 7 or Windows 8.



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