backup gpo settingsI have been told by more than one Microsoft tech that there is no way to clone a Group Policy Object.  That is wrong; there is an EASY way to clone GPO’s.

  1. Launch Group Policy Management Console
  2. Expand GROUP POLICY OBJECTS (NOT the GPO’s attached to you OU’s but the actual GROUP POLICY OBJECTS folder)
  3. Right click on the GPO want to clone and select BACKUP then complete the wizard
  4. Right click on GROUP POLICY OBJECTS and select NEW, then name it what you want
  5. Right click on the new GPO and select IMPORT and complete the wizard (I would not bother with BACKUP because it is an empty GPO)
  6. Bingo!  Have a nice day.  You now have a cloned GPO

import gpo settingsThis is super frustrating for me.  I have been using GPO’s since they were invented in 1999 with Windows 2000, have been an MCSE since 2002 so I should have known better.

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