Top 5 Best Book Download or Read Online Websites for Students

In addition to being regular loneliness, leisure or entertainment partners, good books help us develop our mind and improve education, creativity, imagination, and thinking. Nevertheless, books are not always cheap, especially if they are newly released. And as we know, students are frequently people on a budget, so specialists decided to take care of young people’s pockets. Here is the list of top 5 best book download (or online reading) websites for students. Read everything you need and download it without spending even a dollar.

book stackFree Book Download Online

In this list, there are best websites to read free online texts and legally download them. Organize your virtual library easily by finding the books you need. On these 5 websites shown below, there are texts of many different types and genres: from classic fiction and worldwide known novels and to tech guides on IT, physics and chemistry.

So, here we go! Top 5 places to get great books to download or read online.

Open Library

The great purpose of this website sounds ambitious: “One web page for every book ever published.” Their goal and the way they achieve it made this website one of the most popular Internet libraries where people get something to read for free.

On Open Library, a student can find millions of things to read or download. Book PDF free download option is available along with MOBI, EPUB, and DJVU files. Writings are divided into categories according to their genre or subject: History, Art, Biographies, Medicine, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and so on.

The well-organized search interface provides with the possibility to look for texts basing on their writers or titles. If you don’t remember any certain data about the author or title, then there is the other possibility to find the text online: just enter the line from the wanted writing you remembered the most, and get the tome on top.

Open Library Advantages

  • A vast library available to download it for free
  • Easy to search required titles
  • A perfectly categorized catalog

Project Gutenberg

The Project Gutenberg site gives students access to more than 55000 files: writings of different topics, genres, and subjects. You don’t need to pay anything to register at the Project Gutenberg website, and there is no need to sign to get what you need.

Classics, Periodicals, Social Sciences, History, Physics, Chemistry, and anything else you might need as a student is here. It is possible to browse the required title or to filter the texts by genres. Book download is available in MOBI Kindle, simple text, EPUB, and HTML.

If you prefer the online reading solution in 2019, you should visit the Project Gutenberg website for sure. There are titles they plan to give out to the public this year. One more advantage by Gutenberg is the possibility to save files to cloud storages like Google Drive or Dropbox directly.

Project Gutenberg Advantages

  • Probably the most excellent classical novel solution
  • Easy to browse genre categories
  • Online reading
  • Cloud storage easy saving


ManyBoors offers over 50000 files to download at no cost, so it is the right place for book lovers to satisfy their need in great reading. On ManyBooks, students can find a multi-genre collection to download and read using Kindle or other e-reading hardware. Available formats: PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, and so on.

It is an easy deal to find texts on the ManyBooks website: they are sorted by genres carefully, and here the style actually matters a lot. Also, here is a section of recommended reading and featured writers: using them, students will easily find their next thing to download and read with pleasure.

Each text to download on ManyBooks has its data-page displaying the critical information on the writing: genre, word count, and name of an author. The most of the files on this website are public, so it is totally legal to download and read them without the need to pay for anything.

ManyBooks Advantages:

  • No matter what you need: here are both modern and classic literature pieces;
  • The data lists on books show their Flesch-Kinkaid score: students will easily know what their reading difficulty is;
  • Fines available in all necessary formats to use with each reading gadget.


Bookboon proposes reading online for anything students might want to find. If you need to get an educational reading, be sure Bookboon will let you get it. If there is a need to get business writing, plenty of them are on this site.

This free book download website has several thousand of electronic files available to get them and start reading at once. Browse the free section by indicating several points on what you want to read, and find exactly the thing you will like. Navigation and categorization are perfect on Bookboon.

Additionally, this website has texts not only in English: here students can find texts in Danish, Czech, Norwegian, French, Dutch and other languages. Have you been looking for foreign language literature to download? Here they are!

Bookboon Advantages

  • Great to find texts on business and education
  • Perfect navigation
  • Multi-language materials
  • PDF is an option for all books here


Homework Book Pencil Computer PadOn Feedbooks, one will find quite an impressive set of public domain and original writings to download. A great user-friendly interface of the site together with a comfortable section catalog including anything from short stories to academic texts and many more titles is another reason to visit it and try it out.

On the download page, one will see essential data on it: word count, time to read, plot, and date of publication, and so on. To download files in PDF, MOBI or EPUB, there is no need to sign up to Feedbooks.

It is easy to find something to read on this site as the menu is categorized perfectly: free public domain and original books section, bestsellers, editorial reviews, new releases – these pages will assist you greatly in finding new books worth your attention.

Feedbooks Advantages

  • No need to register
  • Easy to browse with mobile devices
  • Perfect navigation
  • User-friendly interface

To Conclude

These were our 5 best websites to download and read books online for students. Never miss the opportunity to get good literature for no cost. Read regularly to reach your academic success, improve your knowledge and thinking abilities. Have good luck and study well!

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