When Should I Use A VPN?

laptop VPNVPN (Virtual Private Network) services allow you to access the web privately and securely by routing your connection via a server that’ll essentially hide all your online activities. With network security becoming everyone’s concern, VPNs help a lot with trying to keep your personal information safe on the big web.

Here are some instances when you should start using a VPN:

1. When You Want To Access Geographically Restricted Content

Sadly, not everyone can be able to enjoy unfiltered access throughout the internet. There are some countries that censor certain types of online content. This is most especially evident in Africa, South America, Asia, and the Middle East. What’s more to this is that some countries charge fines or imprison people who access websites that are banned in their region.

Using VPNs allow you to hide your real internet address in these situations. For example, if you’re visiting a country that doesn’t allow social media, a VPN will be useful if you want to access your social media sites. Additionally, this also allows you to access Netflix shows that are not available in your country.

2. When You Want To Restrict Your ISP From Downgrading Your Bandwidth

Not that all ISPs (Internet Service Providers) do this, but there are instances when an ISP will drop your current speed and bandwidth when you reach a certain data cap. If you’re using a VPN, this will not be an issue for you.

VPN will encrypt all your internet traffic. As a result, even your ISP will not know what you’ve been doing online. Meaning, they’ll not be able to measure how much data you’ve been using as well.

vpn encrypted connection3. When You Want Your Data and Connections Secured

Hackers are getting better by the minute in trying to hack into your accounts and stealing your data. Even connecting to a public WIFI will put yourself at risk to be a target for those hackers. If you want your data secured, all you need to have is a VPN.

By doing this, all your personal information, data, and browsing history will be encrypted. But, of course, you also need to have an anti-virus software installed as well.

4. When You’re Connected To A Public WIFI Hotspot

When you’re connected to a public WIFI, all your data will not be encrypted. As a result, all your information on your phone or laptop can be hacked and accessed by hackers or anyone at all. To prevent and avoid this, use a VPN. The VPN will keep you anonymous, encrypt your data, and ensure the security of your identity.

5. When You’re Uploading and Downloading P2P Files in Privacy

Using a VPN will be very helpful when you want to download P2P files. The VPN will shield your identity. Making you unidentifiable by several authorities. Even if you’re sharing content or just downloading content, your activity and identity won’t be under surveillance. As a result, you can do your online activities and move online content freely.

6. When You Want To Break Out From The Restrictions of School or Office Internet Use

In offices and schools, the internet connection usually has some restrictions such as blocks on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Flickr, or Gmail. With a VPN network, the connection will allow you to access otherwise restricted websites and webmail providers.

On VPN, browsing content is also indecipherable and scrambled. Because of this, even your office network administrator cannot retrace which websites you’ve been on. If you use a VPN, your tracks will completely be covered.

7. When You Want To Cloak VOIP Phone Calls

VOIP (voice over IP) is easy to eavesdrop since it flows through your internet network. Hackers can listen to your conversations on the phone more easily compared to a regular telephone.

If you use these services often, you might want to consider getting a VPN connection. Your personal privacy is very valuable, and you should protect this, especially for your VOIP calls wherein even your voice is being recorded.


As you can see, having a VPN is very useful and keeps you protected from threats on your own privacy. Even though it’s a paid service, this will keep your web browsing secure and enable you to surf more online content, especially for music and movies.

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