What is the Orange N on my Samsung Cell Phone Messaging AppIf you have an Android cell phone or more specifically and Samsung cell phone, you will likely see an white ‘N’ in an Orange circle on the 3 dot settings icon of your MESSAGES app.  The ‘N’ is an indication there is something NEW for you to look at.

Today that is likely trying to get you to enable the new and awesome feature named Chat.  Chat is what consumers will call Rich Communication Services RCS.   RCS does not require a new app or a new account for you to remember.  It is just the replacement for old school ‘MMS’ texting that has been around for 15 years.

If you try to enable to enable Chat/RCS today you may see a “Registration Failed” which we explain HERE.

To see which telco’s and cell manufactures have signed on to support RCS/Chat click HERE.

We also have a very brief Top 10 Things You Should Know About RCS/Chat


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