The Internet is becoming a key channel for attracting new customers and engaging existing ones. However, network promotion does not always bring the desired result to the company, especially if handled one way. The reasons may be different – fuzzy goals set for the business by the marketing department, outdated tools used for the campaign, lack of a unified system of goals for the promotion. On top of this, a non-converting design of a landing page and lack of data for analytics may also lead to the failure of your marketing campaign. So what way should you take? What successful companies do to reach success?

finger pointing tech email tablet laptopA Guide to Marketing Success

Although there is no single way to success for all the companies, there are few inspiring strategies that you can follow.  Companies like HookupGeek use multiple channels for its service promotion and test all modern marketing tools for its customer analysis. Thus, the firm knows who visits their online hookups and what type of content their target audience searches for. That’s why you will hardly leave their website if once visited.

Systematic Approach to Internet Marketing

Effectively apply the tools for business promotion in the network to solve the marketing problems of the company. This is where a systematic approach to Internet marketing helps greatly. It allows the one to:

  • effectively synchronize online promotion of the business with the real tasks it deals with;
  • coordinate the actions of company specialist as well as internal processes into a single branding strategy (marketing department, promotion department, sales department, contractors, etc.);
  • comprehensively manage tools, choose the most effective utilities, and elaborate a single tactic for business branding.

All in all, systematic online marketing is aimed at solving the company marketing problems by the reasonable use of online promotion tools and wise involvement of all parts of the business.

content marketing strategyHow to Set “Working” Goals?

In order for Internet marketing to solve the tasks of the business, it is important to make it an integral part of the global company’s marketing system. The goals and objectives of Internet marketing should be formed on the basis of an all-covering marketing strategy, and the results of online campaigns should be tracked in accordance with KPI’s approved by the management.

When working on the Internet promotion of a company, the close interaction of all project participants is necessary. It is not always financially feasible to keep a large in-house team of marketing specialists, and the outsourcing model is quite applicable. At the same time, the formulation of high-level tasks and control functions should remain within the company level.

When running an online marketing strategy, it is necessary to deal with the following tasks:

  • Decide on the goals of Internet marketing initiatives based on the global business goals of the company;
  • Choose appropriate tools for reaching the goals and key metrics measurement (SEO-optimization, contextual and targeted advertising, etc.);
  • Decide on performance indicators (performance metrics) for each tool;
  • Develop an Internet promotion strategy for at least 6-12 months;
  • Monitor the performance of the entire system as a whole and regularly optimize channels and tools.

At this point, it is also necessary to ensure the adoption of management decisions related to business goals. Otherwise, it is hardly possible to reach impressive results.


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